Our Quality Policy

We strive for Zero Defects through world class quality planning, processes and tools.

Quality Policy: It is the policy of FMI Aerostructures to provide its customers high quality products, on-time delivery, and ever-improving levels of satisfaction. FMI is dedicated to the continual improvement of its products and the company itself, through process control, employee empowerment, and management’s commitment to the requirements of the AS9100 standard.

Our integrated quality system means that controls and inspections happen in process and immediate feedback on risk and improvements are identified in real time, allowing us to focus on quality assurance and process optimization concurrently.

Our Quality Tools


DEA Gantry Table – 180″ x 96″

DEA Global Advantage Table – 287″ x 38″

DEA Epsilon Table – 178″ x 59″

Brown and Sharpe Global Advantage Table – 156″ x 51″

Brown and Sharpe Excel Table – 112″ x 53″

Portable CMMs

Portable FARO Arms

FARO Arm Gage – 2ft

FARO Arm Quantum – 4ft scanning head

FARO Arm Quantum – 4ft

FARO Arm Quantum – 5ft


API RADIAN Laser Tracker

FARO 6Probe Laser Tracker

LEICA AT960 Laser Tracker



Verisurf (Laser tracker & faro arms)

Equipment Maintenance

A key factor in quality control and assurance is continuous monitoring and maintenance of equipment. We contract with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to maintain all equipment to OEM industry standards. In addition, our climate controlled 230,000 sq ft facility is 71 degrees year-round allowing tighter tolerances by altogether avoiding issues caused by thermal expansion or Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine wear and tear.