A Company Built on
Quality and Excellence

Founded in 1978, FMI Aerostructures is a leading provider of critical structural components and assemblies for the aerospace and defense industry.

As one of the largest independent A&D manufacturing businesses in North America, we are experts in fracture, durability, maintenance, and flight critical components and assemblies.

By investing in innovation, FMI maintains a cycle of quality and continuous improvement in its equipment and employees, resulting in full-service capabilities for the most complex and critical structures across a wide range of aerospace platforms.

FMI is proud to partner with key A&D customers including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems, Blue Origin, L3, PPG, Mammoth Freighters, SpaceX, and many more.

Established in 1978

230,000 sq. ft. facility

240+ employees

136 Active Spindles

31 large bed multi-spindle gantries, up to 110’ bed length

3,4,5 & 6-Axis Capability (vertical and horizontal)

71º temperature controlled facility

Highly skilled in hard metals including titanium

AS9100 Rev. D

ITAR Certified

BAC5114 Approved

FSDA Capability

“Where Vision Takes Shape”

FMI Timeline