We Build Your Vision

We are problem solvers.
We troubleshoot the most difficult manufacturing challenges for our customers and provide turnkey solutions.

Comprehensive Solutions

As your manufacturing partner, you can rely on our expertise. We tackle the most difficult manufacturing challenges across close tolerance hard metals, and very large aluminum structural components and assemblies. We are an industry leader in capacity for large bed gantries, horizontal and vertical milling, and articulating head machining capability.

Driven By Short Lead Times

With 30 large bed multi-spindle gantries and 136 available spindles, FMI has capacity to support your AOG and Blue Streak requirements. We understand immediate demand and short lead times.

230,000 Square Feet of

Highly Specialized Equipment

We have the capacity and expertise to get the job done.

FMI incorporates back-up redundancy into our workflow through sheer volume of machinery, spindles, and bed lengths up to 110′ In the unlikely event that a machine goes down, we can easily move to a sister machine without reprogramming the job. These machines stay in top-working order because our QC never stops performing maintenance to OEM specifications.


FMI’s Quality Policy
is “Zero Defects”

Our commitment to quality is world class.

FMI’s Total Quality Management System (TQM) is integrated into everything we do—inspection, improvement, and employees. Quality inspections happen in process. If something is incorrect, we know immediately rather than at the end of the job. TQM also provides us with a continuous cycle of optimization and improvement from paperwork & billing to employee training & certifications.

quality & expertise

Investing in The Future

We are always striving to do more.

This Quality Philosophy leads us to invest in our future. From latest technologies, softwares, and machines—we are in constantly looking for ways to create efficiencies and streamline operations. Our commitment to improvement is the reason we are able to cut lead times and provide zero defect components.

our commitment to improvement

Value Added Services

We bring unbeatable value.

Our commitment to “doing more” means more value added services for you:

  • In-house tooling design & manufacturing. Our Engineering and Design Teams create custom tooling for your parts.

  • In-house cutting tools. We CNC our own cutters from blanks, removing the downtime of waiting for tool delivery.

  • Temperature Controlled. Our entire facility is temperature controlled. This allows tighter tolerances on machined parts, and better quality for you.

  • Assembly. FMI can also form small assembly details, such as brackets, to provide a more complex, quality finished product.

  • Forming. Our full service offering includes management of services such as forming which simplifies the process for our customers. Cut one PO and FMI will handle the rest.

  • VMI. Storing raw materials, hardware and finished goods for our customers means never waiting for a job to start. Our VMI services allow for continuous manufacturing—we can start a job as soon as possible and never wait for materials.

  • Production Reengineering. FMI designs and engineers new parts, but we can also help reengineer production of an existing part—leading to a faster and more economical production time.

  • Dedicated Space. We have enough machines and sufficient table length to have permanent setups with block loading. We reduce costs on large programs by having only one initial set up and dedicated machine table space. This ensures consistency, reducing risk and time.

A Sample of our

FMI has developed extensive and unique capabilities to manufacture large, close tolerance components. Our gantries have table lengths up to 160 ft. Additionally our 6 axis mills have up to a 23ft x 10ft machining envelope.

Airframe – spars, stringers, panels, beams

Assemblies (structural and mechanical)


Engine mount assemblies

Landing gear assemblies


Wing structures – spars, skins, ribs

Windshield frames, canopy assemblies

Expertise in These

Over the last four decades, we have built world class metal machining expertise. FMI was involved in the development phase of hard metal components for the latest generation fighters and bombers, and produces components on the 737. We also machine large critical aluminum parts such as bulkheads for the JSF program, as well as longerons, panels, spars, skins, stringers etc. for various programs, including the F22, C130, New Glenn and more.





Stainless Steel